Stainless Alkaline Processor (SAP 2500) Business Packages

SAP 2500 has a DOH Certificate of Product Registration



SAP 2500
SAP 2500 Advance Business Package
SAP 2500 Advance Business Package
SAP 2500 Pro Business Package

The Stainless Alkaline Processor (SAP 2500) offers a very good business alternative as SAFE drinking water.

Alkaline Water Benefits:

  • Best form of drinking water
  • Alkaline water helps nourish the body cells and helps in neutralizing acids (Fatty Acids, Sugar Acids, Uric Acids, Citric Acids)
  • Plenty of oxygen that nourishes cells.
  • Helps in flushing out body toxins.

The INGEN Superiority — Introducing the Most Advantageous Water Station Packages:
  • Ultra LOW INVESTMENT: We offer one of the lowest package prices along with a small area requirement. No costly tanks and pumps. We make everything affordable, only the returns are high.
  • FAST ROI: Investment recovery in only 5 to 6 months. It’s a well-tested and proven INGEN system that has earned us numerous satisfied owners today.
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND ECONOMICAL TO MAINTAIN: SAP 2500 is practically a plug and play machine that allows you to start your business rapidly with less maintenance.
  • ZERO WATER WASTE, LESS ENERGY (Eco-Friendly): SAP 2500 offers ZERO Water Waste which lowers your operating cost. Also, SAP 2500 does not require any electric motor pumps significantly lowering your energy cost.
  • High Quality Sterilized, Safe, Drinking Water: SAP 2500 with its advanced Filters and UV LAMP sustains water’s PH.
  • DOMAIN EXPERTISE: With more than 25 years of water purification experience, we will be able to provide you expert guidance to support your business needs.


SAP 2500 Product Features
  SAP 2500
Investment Low investment, Packages start at Php 90,000.00
Return of Investment Usually takes months to recover cost due to lower start-up capital needed.
Franchise Fee NONE
Minimum Store Area Small area.
Maintenance Low Maintenance
Electricity Cost LOW
Water Cost Lower due to ZERO Water Waste
Filter Replacements PERIODIC
Kind of Alkaline Natural
Kind of Water Safe, Sterilized, Natural Alkaline
Waste Water ZERO
Ingen Solutions literally offer a solution to your budget by marketing the most affordable line of financial packages. Be part of our rapidly growing family. Our system is a proven success and yields high financial returns and great opportunities.

Yes, there is money in Water. The difference with INGEN solutions is that there is MORE.
  SAP 2500 Starter Business Package SAP 2500 Advance Business Package SAP 2500 Pro Business Package
Includes * 2 units SAP 2500
* 2 pcs Goose Neck
* Bacteria Resistant Water Dispensing Assembly
* 3 pcs Pre-filters
* 3 units SAP 2500
* 2 pcs Goose Neck
* Bacteria Resistant Water Dispensing Assembly
* 3 pcs Pre-filters
* 4 units SAP 2500
* 2 pcs Goose Neck
* Bacteria Resistant Water Dispensing Assembly
* 3 pcs Pre-filters
Support 1. Provide FREE technical advice on store layout and design.
2. Free assistance on store location evaluation.
3. Free assistance in the marketing formulation and sales strategies.
4. Free technical training.
5. After sales service are rendered within 24 working hours or 3 working days.
6. 1 year product warranty. Consumables (filter cartridges) should be replaced based on water volume production.
Scalable All packages are scaleable for expansion. Simply add more SAP 2500 units to increase the water volume capacity.
Regular Price (SAP 2500) Php 101,000.00 Php 141,000.00 Php 182,000.00
Current Promo Price

Php 90,000.00

Php 118,000.00

Php 140,000.00

Major Savings Php 11,000.00 Php 23,000.00 Php 42,000.00
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*All orders are subject for approval and must comply with terms and conditions of the agreements signed by the customer and Ingen Solutions, Inc. Also, orders must comply with the completion of Booking Fee, Commitment Fee and Full Payment. In case an order is rejected and payment has been made, Ingen Solutions, Inc. will issue a company cheque to refund the payment within thirthy (30) days.

*Freight cost - Not included in the price. Customers outside of Metro Manila should shoulder the freight cost of the units.

*Order Change - You can make changes to orders that have not yet entered the delivery process. However, whenever you make a change to an order such as modifying the address, or items, we will re-evaluate our inventory and product preparation time to determine the best fulfillment plan for your order given the new information. Therefore, any changes you make may affect the estimated delivery date for your order.

*Cancelled Orders - Ingen Solutions Inc. reserves the right to cancel any orders upon the management’s discretion.

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*We also offer the SAP 2500 ideal for Home/Personal/Small Office/Canteens. Stainless Alkaline Processor (SAP 2500) SOLO price: PHP 40,880.00.

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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*SAP 2500 has a DOH Certificate of Product Registration as Safe Drinking Water
*No Approved Therapuetic Claim